Tom McGuire: Passionate About Protecting Your Rights

Pensacola Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you are injured by the negligence of others or facing the harsh consequences of criminal charges, there are forces working against you. Insurance companies will fight to avoid your full compensation for a personal injury. Police and prosecutors have a vested interest in getting a conviction once they have filed charges.

Trial lawyer Thomas F. McGuire III has represented the injured and the accused for 24 years. His experience, tenacity and passionate concern for his clients has led to many success stories in both personal injury and criminal defense cases.

Standing Up to Insurance Companies

Our personal injury practice has recovered damages in a wide range of cases, from motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall cases to product liability and medical negligence. Tom McGuire works hard behind the scenes to persuade the insurer or a jury to fully compensate our clients for the physical, financial and emotional impact of a serious injury or wrongful death.

Our top concern is your recovery from injuries to the fullest extent possible, and that means helping clients get prompt and proper medical care from the start. From our many years of experience, we know that even a minor injury can lead to permanent harm.

Standing Up for Your Freedom

Our criminal defense practice handles the hard cases where a skilled trial lawyer can make the difference between going to prison and returning to your family. We are devoted to avoiding or minimizing the impact of criminal charges, from DUI or drugs to allegations of racketeering or sexual offenses. Mr. McGuire is a former prosecutor and public defender with a notable case record.

Free Half-Hour Consultation

The McGuire Law Firm takes cases in Pensacola and throughout Escambia County, as well as Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties. If you were seriously injured by the negligence of others, or face serious criminal charges, call us at 850-433-3081, or e-rnail Tom McGuire.

Mr. Tom McGuire

I am dedicated to representing the injured and accused! You need a fighter to stand up for your rights! Let me use my 24 years of Courtroom experience to fight for you!